I don't say it often (thank goodness) but OMG, and not in a good way. This ASUS Transformer V machine has got to be the maddest idea I've seen for years.

The Transformer Book V is a Windows 8.1 laptop/tablet hybrid, which turns into an Android 4.4 KitKat device when a 5in Android smartphone is docked in the back.

So, let's run that again: it's a Windows 8.1 laptop, a Windows 8.1 tablet, an Android 4.4 laptop,an Android 4.4 tablet and an Android smartphone all in one. Does anyone here have the particular problem that this device will solve? In fact, can anyone here tell me what problem this device is trying to solve? Looks like it's just trying to be clever, for no apparent reason other than showing off. Will I be buying one? Erm, nope...

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I'd say they were trying hard to make something "unique" and "extraordinary". And, while that might gather the interest of a few, these kind of devices were never manufactured keeping practical thoughts in mind.

Very strange. I'd probably end up either uninstalling android, or uninstalling windows. Having both is rather redundant.

Looks like it is solving a problem nobody has, and we all know where products that have done that in the past have ended up (and the correct answer isn't 'in a dusty corner of my office' I should point out)

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