Hello there DaniWeb.

I REALLY hope you can help me in this case :( else i cant get to use my PC.

Well, some days ago, i went into my PC and cleared up some partitions etc so i could have more space on some of my others. So i deleted 2 partitions. One was on 5GB and other was on 67GB. They had no names.

And then i rebooted. But i couldn't boot up! :S It told me this:

GRUB: Error: Partition not found
Grub Rescue>

Please, please help me :(

I need to get into my PC again.

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Sounds like you have deleted your root partition, which is bad. Hopefully you've not also deleted your home partition. If you have I'm afraid your data is irrevocable.

Grab a live cd such as knoppix and mount your remaining partitions. If you still have your home partition you can reinstall your distro of choice and point /home to that partition.

You may also want to look into LVM when you reinstall. Lvm allows you to easily resize your logical volumes meaning you don't have to mess around with your partition tables as much.

I didn't delete my root partition. I deleted a partition which had a size of 67GB and was completely empty, and it had no name :)

You have deleted boot partition in this case. To fix this, just booting up with Ubuntu Live CD, fire up Terminal and type these followings:
$sudo bash
#root (hd0,0) // assume this is your first hard disk, and root is first partition
#setup (hd0)

and reboot

Hope that help!

Hello need to repair root partition, so reinsert the disk in to your pc and start repair.

I just did this a few days ago...
You deleted the partition with the actual GRUB installation on it. I could not find a way to get it back, so I ended up clearing the whole thing off.

Just live-boot an OS, copy all your needed files, and then fresh install your OS again.

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