Hi everyone, new here. I want to hear everyone's funny stories about bad customers, clients, and general problems with being a tech guy, since I find pain funny. I hope I'll fit in here.

What got me thinking about this was the fact that I'm studying for Comptia A+ certification and while looking stuff up about tech work found this: 10 Reasons it Doesn't Pay to be the Computer Guy.


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Haha that was funny.

Just bear in mind that you'll find these kinds of testimonials for almost any career path out there.

Every job has its up sides and down sides.


Oh, I know. I was absolutely miserable by the time I finished as a movie theater manager after a year there, when my initial plan was to work there throughout college. Beyond twisted inside out.

But it's not so much as a taste of what techs do as I think pain is funny and like to hear people's stories.


I once was asked why my friends grandmothers computer wouldnt work with the digital camera they had baught her for christmas. It was a 486 with 8bm ram ;)

silly people....


i've explained my dormmate that i'm a programmer.. but he insist me to fix his printer..

yeah i know how that goes. i dont think people know that a programmer program computers.

what is infinitely worse is if your employee does not know what programming entails and ask you something akin to sorcery or magic. usually not related to programming at all.


i am a tech support representative. i have once had a customer how literally closed all the "windows" in their house when i asked her to "close all the windows on your screen" . hehehe


i am a tech support representative. i have once had a customer how literally closed all the "windows" in their house when i asked her to "close all the windows on your screen" . hehehe

Well it's your fault, you weren't clear enough ;)


I do some 2nd line support, one call forwarded to me from our helpdesk in Bangalore said the user needed access to the "Asia-Specific" part of the site.


Why do almost all of your posts have the word "interesting" (which by the way I spelled correctly) in them? All you seem to be doing is running up your post count by posting the word interesting on every thread you can find.


Mine was the secretary who stuck her floppy disks to the file cabinet with magnets, and then wondered why they quit working.

One time, I had a floppy disk drive that worked, but only when it was not in the client's computer. A substitute floppy drive worked in the computer, but didn't match the front panel (the customer was picky). The suspect drive worked in every other computer I tried it in. Finally I found the problem: One end of a label had peeled loose on the hard disk below the floppy drive. It rubbed on the drive belt of the disk drive that failed, but missed the belt on the other drives made by different companies.

Microsoft kept installing a standard mouse driver over the graphics tablet driver the client wanted. I had to make a copy of the tablet driver and rename it mouse.com to fix it.

One time, we had a computer that kept rebooting every time an orders clerk left her desk. I suspected trouble in a PlugMold strip behind her chair. It supplied power to the computer. Space was tight, so her chair hit the strip whenever she left the desk. So I got a big rubber mallet to tap the strip with (to see if I should call the physical plant about the wiring). When the secretary asked why I was there (to buzz me in), I was holding that big rubber mallet on my shoulder when I said, "I'm here to fix the order's clerk's computer."

Repair orders that came in to that orders clerk:

- Repair movie projector basketball coach threw (we lost).

- Jugs Jr. machine broken. The swith might be bad. Can you get a new witch?

- Fluorescent light smoking. Sounds like bearings are tight and motor burnt out.

- One basketball, painted as instructed in attachment.

- Replace projector blottom glass.

- Fix computmr kmyboard. "M" kmy makms an "m" instmad of an "m" charactmr.

- Repair computer moniotor.

- Can we get anudder truck? This uns broke.

- Phone off the wall.

- Computer down. Acting up.

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