Sincerely sorry to raise a Techie type question in the lounge, but I need a quick answer to a question please.

If there are any Sony Vaio notebook owners reading this could you let me know please if the 'Bundled' software shows up in Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, so it can be uninstalled?


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have you checked the manual that came with your computer and the vaio knowladge base already? if not it's probably in there (how to uninstall the bundled software that came on your vaio laptop)


I don't even own one, hexstar! I just need to know the answer to the question. That's why I asked if there are any VAIO owners reading this, so they could have a look and tell me ;)


Hey catweazle.. Alot of the items are uninstallable under control panel options. I have 6 sony's here now (repair jobs, and resale units) Are you considering a purchase? Be aware the have Ram slot issues, As well as some power supply issues. I fix a ton of them and They are a great machine but the F-series have cap probs for the Temp/fan and shutdown circuits.. FX series have ram slot issues, Power supply issues, All of the GR series have ram slot issues. I'm looking into the newer models to see if theyve improved the boards and solder ammts any.. Ken www.ikenfixit.com

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