hi i need help my computer is telling me that it is dumping the physical memory and the error is
it is a sony vaio laptop please help thanks

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What have you done recently that might cause this? have you installed any new hardware or software? did any message popup telling you that the drivers might be incompabitle?

Yes, There are many possible causes for a stop:0x0000007e error- please give us more information to go on:

- When did this start happening?
- Did you upgrade or install any software just prior to the occurence?
- Did you make any hardware adds/changes?
- In the box which displays the stop error and dump, are there any other details there? If so, please post them.

Also- the sequence of numbers displayed within parentheses of the stop error will vary according to your particular configuration. Look through some of the links in the following Google search (especially the one's from Microsoft's support site) to see if you can find anything that might help:



i got the same problem, but sometimes the message changes(were going back about 1 and a half weeks ago). like for example when the first message came up it had
***STOP 0x0000004E (0x0000008F, 0x0001B11F, 0xFFFFFFF, 0x00000000)
this came up a few times and then this came up
and also

Im getting sick of this , i have tried uninstalling software and even did a clean install and also redid some of the drivers that i changed and still it came up with error messages! please help!!!

some people say that its a problem with norton AV - they sent out a bodgy virus update and only affected a small amount of computers, others say that it could be a hardware problem - like bad ram.


Please don't "piggyback" your question onto a thread started by someone else, regardless of how similar your problem might seem to that of the original poster.

Also- notice that your stop error code is actually different than the one originally posted. Go to www.google.com and put the following (include the quotes" in the search text box to find more info on your particular error:

Windows "STOP 0x0000004E"

I had problems with my Sony Vaio laptop, specifically when running Photoshop.

Sony has released several BIOS updates that improve the stability of Vaio laptops, I suggest you look into maybe downloading an updated BIOS driver from Sony.

Here's the link to the UK Sony BIOS download page, make sure you get the correct page for your model. I'd also suggest upgrading any other drivers first (video etc) to see if those cure the problem.

If the updated drivers don't help matters and you wish to go ahead and update your BIOS I would strongly reccomend printing out the instructions and following them to the letter, slowly and in a sober state of mind.


This site is also useful for information on Sony Vaio Laptop BIOS updates, but I'd be careful following the instructions on this site as they refer to multiple models.


Hope this helps


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