I´m trying to switch my CRX 160E DC burner to a new computer (W2Kpro). Trouble is that I lost the installation CD. The unit works fine with the generic Win drivers but doesn´t have the software to write.

Sony site has no drivers listed, only CDExtreme update, which won´t run unless the original drivers are loaded. I´ve emailed Sony 3 times about what to do and get no reponse.

I´ve tried to find the driver on every web site I can find. Any suggestions?


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JjEjFjF has the right idea. Optical drives don't need drivers, but you do need some software to burn with. One of the most popular products out there is Nero, so you might want to give that a shot (but don't install lots of burning software on your PC or you could suffer from software conflicts).

If you have Windows XP sitting around, then you have one other reason to install it - built-in basic burning!

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