Thanks in advance all, as this is my first step into something totally new -

I am looking to create a website that generally replicates www.woot.com. Clearly this site does not have a huge number of pages or a lot of data, so its relatively simple. I currenty have a few web designers I may go with, but I was wondering

a. What web design language I should request this be built with
b. How much server space I need and where to get it
c. What type of security setup should I have to ensure that my web designer can not mess with my site in th future
d. How to setup a shopping cart for payment etc.

I know this is a lot to ask, and I am totally lost but am willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort to make this work. My most sincere thanks in advance for any adivce you can offer. Cheers - Nick

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Guys did I post this in the wrong place ? I dont have any responses. Is this too detailed a question ? Sorry, just trying to get a feel for Daniweb and dont want to be posting things in the wrong places. thx


Hi, you could probably build something like woot yourself relitevely easily using an ecommerce web builder - one of my sites offers such a product, go to www.zeppy.co.uk and have a look around


you will need host and payment link gateway for payment gatewary use linkpoint for host dreamhost or hostmonster

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