I am an OLD SCHOOLER and i think most everything made today is utter crap from the word go....

The cheapest garbage they can give you,thinnest fabric on clothes.. Its all disgusting beyond words!!!! (No Quality whatsoever)

Anyway,here is the list.

#15) Box Unpopuli: Amazon Unbox
#14) Screwed Up To The Max: Municipal WiMax
#13) Web 2 Woe: Social Networks
#12) Just Another Oxymoron: Internet Security
#11) Singing An Old Familiar Zune: Microsoft Zune
#10) Is Anyone Listening: Wireless Carriers
#9) Sorry, We Already Gave: Office 2007
#8) Needs To Change Its Spots: Apple 'Leopard' OS 10.5
#7) Cannot Be Completed As Dialed: Voice Over IP
#6) Un-Neutral: The Broadband Industry (rhink Comcast)
#5) The Great, The Bad, The Ugly: Apple iPhone
#4) In A Sorry State: Yahoo
#3) The Anti-Social Network: Facebook Beacon
#2) What Is It Good For: The High-Def Format War

And the number 1 most disappointing tech product of 2007
according to PCWorld editor Dan Tynan, is:

#1) Vista (No surprise there)

Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,140583-page,1-c,techindustrytrends/article.html

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vista = poo

windows xp is the best imho for home users (better than linux and osx imho)

Well I'm tired defending Vista over the pleasant experience it gave me, so what the hell.

Vista: nobody likes you...

i dislike it (im not an xp fanboy, i use vista ecvery day and hate it)

reason i hate it so much is as everything is "fluffy", hard to use (old shortcut keys dont work and everything is moved) and is incompatible with a load of old software.

I do like its security features and ease of install though. I just dislike it as im a pro at xp but a total noob when it comes to vista.

If i grew up with vista then i would probably not complain about it but its too much of a jump from XP. Thats why ms baught out ME - to give people a stepping stone to go from 98 to XP because XP wasnt finished yet. They should have done that with vista, released XP Second Edition or something in like 2004/5 and then the full vista as we know it in 2006/7

MS really screwed up with XP. it was out too long. Thats why people complain about system requirements. Until XP it was common to upgrade your ram or pc every 2/3 years for a new version of vista. If xp wasnt out so damn long then people would right about now be running pcs capable of running vista well.

Im my opinion XP is way better than Vista (You have way more privacy on XP to begin with...)

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