helloo everyone!!!

i am rickbuenafe, a newvie.

i am right now in the philippines but i am based in saudi arabia, and would be there two weeks from now.

i had a computer room with 4 units of pc, designed for usage of my kids attending school.

i have been using word processing for a long time as i am required in my job but i have a zero knowledge on hardware and software. i am also an old guy and it's only now that i became interested to go deep on pc as my units were infected. it seems i need to reformat them but i have no guts to do it myself cause i dont know what to do. i hope i will be help.

thanks for accomodating me here and looking to communicate with you guys.


Welcome Rick!

P.S You will find help in Windows forum bout formatting your harddisk and installing windows !

thanks zandiego.

i manage to reformat one of the infected pc, but it was late to discover my installer (windows xp) serial number was not working. cost of a new operating system cost is too much for me, i cannot manage to buy one.

any advice how i can install one operating system for free.

thanks for any help.