what i am looking for is a program to detect a auto aimer in pogo pool i am a co/head admin of our league (www.myleague.com/knights/ ) it is not fair to the rest of our members that a few bad apples spoil the tourniments we have with there auto aimers if we could get a program or java script type of detection then we could boot these people off our league for cheating as we DO NOT condone cheating at all we are a 100% no drama no cheating league if there is any one that would be interested in helping me with this and is not fermiler with pogo please instant message me at <snip></snip> and we can go to our room and i can show you how the game is played and what it is we need....thank you all for your time

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It would probably help considerable if you move this post to the software dept.


I think its expensive though

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