hey nothing urgent
more of just a minor annoyance

i was just wondering if theres any way to remove entries off the add remove programs list without actually removing the program itself, mainly in cases where the program does not exist anymore. I'm somewhat obsessive when it comes to keeping my computer in order and recently it seems like when i remove some programs without going through the add/remove program list, the entries often just stay on the list. So if anyone could help, that'd be cool and save me from getting annoyed every time i open the window =]

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If you are this obsessive you should be removing programs that are in the add/remove list from there and then you shouldn't have these problems.

You might try going to start> search> for files or folders, enter the program that you that you are trying to delete and go from there. Be careful what you delete.


ha, true... i guess I have just gotten in the habit of going through the uninstallers instead of using add/remove programs. So maybe i can prevent this later on...

but anyway, the programs still have a change/remove button, but the setup either crashes or won't load. i think I've managed to remove all but these:

  1. Dreamweaver CS3 trial (two entries... weird)
  2. Photoshop CS3 trial
  3. Photoshop CS2 trial

and possibly a few others... kinda funny how all of them are adobe trials...

Well, i know that in order for their setups to run (and crash) they have to have files located somewhere (possibly the temp folder?)
Do you think if i could locate and delete these files that it would help?


If you want to remove your program from the list Add/Rem, just go to the regedit and look for HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall.
just look for the name of the soft you want to hide. Create a new DWORD on the right tab named "SystemComponent" and set it to 1 if you want to hide it and of course to 0 if you want to show it. Bye


problem solved =]

thank you


You can download TweakUI from Microsoft Site. It allows you to easialy remove entries for programs that no longer exist


o man....

i already had TweakUI... dang it

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