WoW is a pretty good game. I downloaded the free trail but the trail's over and i have no space on my hard drive to download a game.

please help me find a game.

Well first of all you have a problem: MMORPGs are neither fun nor exciting. I agree on the miniclip though

Games like wow to play for free
free games like runescape
free games like wow
world of warcraft
games like world of warcraft
If you guys want to play world of warcraft for free, You are welcome to join our community! Just follow the instructions. Create a account! Have fun! Hope i helped. Sry about those tags ^^^

Yahoo! Towers is an addicting game...It's kinda like Tetris, but more strategy is involved...

Usually MMORPG game's are Browser based..One I know about is a mafia role playing games. ..MMORPG games are games with nothing to download...But If your looking for a game to wow you then those kinda games require a game client of some kind.

If you liked WoW you'll also like runescape. It's free and you don't have to download a huge file. (Just a Java platform you download once).

Basically what you do in Runescape is level up your character's combat (ranging, defense, strength, attack) and/or skills (smithing, cooking, fishing --- and loads more), kill monsters, do quests, join clans for clan wars or enter worlds where you can engage in player-killing.

--- is it obvious I'm a fan?

I was searching my bookmarks for what I thought was a free one, but I guess that was when they first introduced it.
So I guess that doesn't count in this thread.

Stumbled on this, though..
So there is hope to make a living doing this stuff, chuckle.

yes runescape it is an mmorpg online game its realy fun check it out
you can play free or pay 5 bucks a month for membership being a member gives you acess to more stuff worlds and quests
it filters out bad language and has a VERY good character customizer system

some info you gain skills to gain levels to gain money to gain respect and mayby a place on the hi scores list

if u need any help i am willsohn in the game is in the middle ages u know like castles and stuff

Yes, theres many games. I don' think you will like all the games I list here but take a look.

*Knight Online
*Warcraft III
*Diablo II
*Diablo III (When it comes out!)
*Maybe Starcraft
*Pokemon(Na, joking thats a gay game.)

And many other games, this list is most likely close to WOW except gay Pokemon, I added it because I thought it was funny,

This is a full-blown RPG similar to World of Warcraft. It features a large and varied world, many weapons, skills, and spells, guilds, a patronage system, and much more.

Free, with option to pay for additional features.
needs a download but im sure its less space than wow just delete old wow things and other old things that you do not use.And one more thing there probally isnt a game out there like WOW that dosent require a download sorry for the inconvinence.

do someone know a game like world of warcraft. i hope they are free and NO downloading. i cant download things now. but the game must be in 3d. :D

runescape perhaps? you can play without registaring when i last checked and NO DOWNLOAD plus its very much excatually the same as WOW. though it has a very slow level game. try to complete quests and unless ur lvl 80 or above dont go NEAR the wildernesse.

There is also Aqworlds which is a slightly less graphical version of a fantasy mmo multiplayer tons of quests and pic stuff to get

dragonfable is also made by the same company basically the same except not multiplayer EPIC storyline though and udpdates every 2 days.

i have loads more but u dont want em.



Starwars is coming out soon. It's going to be EPIC. Am I going to play it? No... But for those that like that kind of stuff - enjoy...

It's a slow and easy pass the time game. And the piano music is pretty good.
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