Hi All,

This alam from delhi and asking for some confusion which i have.
actually i want to make my career as a C,C++ developer in Linux and Unix platform . friends i am totally new in this field...i know basic concept of C, C++ and Unix system....
So, what steps should i take for this?

I really appreciate all of you for quick reply

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Have you.. written any code in C or C++ for any Unix platforms?

doesn't sound like it.
sounds more like a kid taking some random buzzwords and deciding to see if there's money to be made in combining them.

Have you.. written any code in C or C++ for any Unix platforms?

No, till now i didn't write any code in C,C++ at unix plateform........plz help me out..

Well, you should install Linux on some computer you have access to. Then, as you learn C and/or C++, write C and C++ programs on that machine.

yup, a kiddo who just combined some random buzzwords and calls it a resume.

Practice, practice, practice. Get a software developer account on a website such as [spam link snipped] and post advertisements for people that have software projects. This is a great way to gain experience and make money at the same time!

Best of luck to you.


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