Well I am not bad with the programs I use reguarlly. I really want to learn more about the inner workings of computers, I love building things instead of buying when possiable. Found this site and started reading seems like people here really try to help those in trouble with thier machines, and those wanting more out of them. I am a mechanic by trade and have done so many diffrent hobbies but computers have always fasnated me and the more I learn the less I find I know. I havent found much I cannot build but I can see computers are going tobe a real challenge due to the software that has to go in to make it work.....

PS my first post will be about my laptop that just quit taking a charge Bummer just got to find the right place to post.

Welcome to DaniWeb. I consider myself to be mechanically disadvantaged -- don't know a screwdriver from a shudge hammer :) It takes 100% of my mechanical ability to find the hole to fill up the gastank. But there are a lot of other very capable people here at DaniWeb who can help you out with your computer problems.

Hi... Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

:) Welcome to Daniweb!

Glad to have you with us!