I am new to web design and would like to know how to transfer information from one website to another. I bought 1000's of e-books and want to make a website that offers these for free.Can I directly take from the first site that I purchased these e-books and transfer them or do I have to download to my computer all these e-books and then upload them to my site.Thanks for your help.

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You'll most probably have to download them one by one, or link to them on your website.

I suggest you look for a file repository software of some sort. In the past I've used Owl and 2kBox, the later is visually pleasing and much simpler, but the former has more functionality. However both are not ideal for public websites. They are better for sharing files between a small group of people.

Checkout Open Source CMS for some ideas.


The e-books I am referring to come with master resale rights,so they are intended for re-sale by the purchasers.My question concerns if I can take these e-books from the sight I bought them or do I have to go through the process of downloading them first and then re-uploading them on to my sight.

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