I have built a website that uses ASP and am running IIS on windows XP professional. On my local machine I can access the website either by going to http://ipaddress/sitename or http://computername/sitename.

THe problem comes is that I need other computers on the network to access the site, but when they type the same thing in to their web browser, it cannot find the site/domain ip etc.

They can see my computer on the network via my network places, we are in the same workgroup, (MSHOME) and I can ping the IP and get a reply via the command prompt. However, I cannot get it access the website.

Is this an IIS setting or is it more likely that it being blocked byt the network setup? Does it have anything to do with PORT 80?

Help would be very much appreciated.


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it could be a firewall issue. if they are on the same network you might be closed down on your machine on port 80 if you are running windows firewall or someother on the machine. Most likely it is because they cannot find your machine name. you say you can ping the ip but have you tried pinging the machine name? I would think this is your problem. needs dns or wins setup on the network for them to see it

dude use ur ip address rather the host name. like rather than http://ipaddress/sitename. if ur ip address is and u setup ur website port address 4521. try it. and i think u will got ur answer. and if u r using real IP than anyone can visit ur website by this way. if u r not using real ip than only those ppl who r in ur network will c u. the problem is u didn't connect ur ip address with and domain. i hope it will help u.

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