Windows PowerShell is a very productive tool Microsoft has integrated it with Windows Server 2008 since beta versions to automate some taskes, make it easier and fun for developers, be integrated with .net libraries and so on.. developers and administrators who haven't experience in VB script and programming languages like C# and C++ syntax can learn its syntax in 2Hrs, what a power it is!
Shall we have a forum for it, learn it together and help who faces any problem regarding using it. I hope you agree opening a forum concerns in Windows PowerShell.

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Ramy Mahrous

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Who said learn C++ in 2hrs???!!
I said learn Windows PowerShell in 2Hrs!!


Wouldn't you get stuck with Microsoft then?


It's not about Microsoft or others, it's about opening a new forum, increase our community size, make it richer and richer, collect all people intersets, and be up-to-date.


Thanks, sneekula, but I'll keep it here as we just discuss something for the community rather MS Windows.


no forum i dont think, because its very niche. if anything it would probably belong in software development -> shell scripting

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