I recently purchased windows vistro 200(Dell Desktop) which came with windows XP home installed.I wanted to install windows xp professional (32bits). I formated the hard drive(250gig) into 20 gig C drive and rest into D drive using windows XP professional disc. I tried to reinstall windows XP professional on C drive booting from CD rom drive. Halfway thro installation,it came with an error message saying "windows cannot load installer for the driver.Contact the hardware vendor" . I have tried to add SATA driver to Installer CD using N lite . Reformated the drive again using NTFS instead of QNTFS and changed the installation disk including the original Windows Professional XP disc but the error message keeps cropping up.
I have the original drives and utilities disk which was shipped with the computer.
I tried to contact the Dell tech support who were not very helpful.
I have Intel duo 2 core processor E 4500 and 2gig memory and 250 gig hard drive.Please help.

try running fdisk on the partition or do a standard format from the command prompt. you would ahve to use the cd to boot to the command prompt.

Try making 'drive C' 27 gig as 20 gig is needed to just install windows. So the installation may have ran out of disk space.

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