My buddy has an HP pavillion Media Center PC that I am looking at. It started to hang on boot the other day, coincidentally when he bought software for his kids that was a game with a usb controler. It hangs at mup.sys and never loads fully to windows XP media center edition.

The paviliion has a restore partition and at the boot up screen I selected to run the system restore. I also ran the hardware scan and irt reported everything was working fine (for what that is worth in PC Doctor)

It backsup the files and data and proceeds to a windows xp restore. The restore completes and I am notified of the sucess and asked to shutdown or reboot. I have selected both options to the same end result, the system hangs again on loading windows XP.

I boot in safe mode command prompt and I see it is again at mup.sys.

I have tried last known good configuration and it loads to the windows xp splash screen but inevitably hangs at the same point every time.

I have also removed all the hardware except C: drive, 1 stick of memory (that i have alternated between the 2 available), cpu. I then try to load windows XP and it comes to the same point and halts again.

I have also placed a new mup.sys on the computer from another machine and from the restore partition which I was able to recover.

I have loaded a windows XP professional disk and boted from it and it begins scanning hardware and doing its preloading. It then hangs at ...Starting Windows XP in the bottom left corner before it even asks me if I would like to do anything. I have used this XP disk on many other occasions as I am a firm beliver in washing my windows frequently.

Does anyone else have any tricks?

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