Jeeze its chucking it down here!

I hope my server room dont flood:'(


yeah my power failed

god bless my UPS

my server went down for the first time since oct 2001 :(

Where did you get your UPS from? As I've been playing with the idea of getting one for a while.

Dazza :cool:

Maplin Electronics (i work there, and we use the ones we sell for our own EPoS and stock control ,so they must be pretty OK)

a "Trust" branded 1300VA UPS , manageable from USB or Serial, either locally or remotely wth 4 x3 pin (kettle style) power sockets, fax/phone protection and a 20,000 euro warranty is for sale at:


it provides in my case, ~750w without any problems (2 servers) and a quoted max of 70 mins uptime, but in my real-life scenario it was under 20 mins with the 2 servers, but more than enough time for a clean shutdown

similar ones are also in stock, which provide roughly half the battery life, but for half the price. Stick with the trust ones, they are best

interesting, I might sneak one of those past the missus. She wont be impressed if I got one, mind you I could confuse her and say "Well if I dont get one you wont be able to go on Additions Direct and order those shoes. Due to new EU legislations all servers need a UPS, so our server needs one. Unless you dont want a net connection and back up facility for all your photo's"
That should secure me one, no problem :D