Hello people,

I wonder if there are free web space that can be used. Basically I need storage (ftp) if possible to place materials and worksheets. For example I participate on sci groups and I do math proof of something and want to show this to others. Do you know such web sites that can offer a couple of MB free storage to place my pdf and excel files?

Thank you

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Yes, but most emails have a limit per email, usually between 1 and 10 meg's. Could you imagine split archiving a large file, say 100 mb? I'm serious, try zymic.

Disk Space 2000MB:
Data Transfer (Monthly)35000MB (35 gig)
FTP Access:
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I simply uploaded the file through the software provided. never was interested as to what that software actually does with the file, as long as I can as easily pull that file out

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