Hello one and all - lla dna eno elloH

I have been playing a browser based game called Travian for some time now, a friend and I have made an alliance in this game and have currently created a website and forums for this. (also because this is our web design qualification)

We have one problem though.
We wish to display our alliance statistics but we can't do it without it being manual.

Is there a script that will look into the Travian statistics and send the information to our server and display it.

If you can shed any light I will be most grateful.

Thank you

Re: Statistics Travian and How? 80 80

how i can play travian

Re: Statistics Travian and How? 80 80

Welcome Grant. You will however have to post your question in the WebDevelopment Forum for an answer. Hope you get the answer soon. The forum link is right at the top of this page.

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