I recently installed Linux Ubuntu, Its great but
I am unable to use my winmodem & my WiFi USB adapter.

Can any one help me
1. Find a free driver for my modem with full 56 Kbps
function ( My modem is Zoltrix Cobra, Connexant HSF
chipset, Vendor ID: 14F1, Device ID: 2015, Subvendor
ID: 14F1, Subdevice ID: 2015 Rivision ID: 01).

2. Tell me how to install the driver

3.Help with my WiFi.
My WiFi adapter is 5423
wireless adapter from USRobotics which has a Zydas
1211B chipset (0baf:0121) the driver is zd1211rw
should work, but its not.

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Thanks for your reply
the free driver from Linuxant gives a very slow connection at 14 kbps. The full driver costs $26, can you guide me to a free driver that gives full function.


dude, buy a serial modem and connect it up with a serial connection (be verrry careful you DO NOT buy a winmodem/softmodem) - it works very well with linux this way

but then again , thats probably more than the $26 for the driver

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