My regards to the community, I am working as an junior to a technical writer and have my job prospects much better but they say that I need an English degree for that. I did think of joining a university but that wouldn’t be practical as I have a job on my hands and a few responsibilities to be taken care of, so the best I feel is to go for an online degree which has to be from an accredited college. I would like you to suggest me accredited colleges that conduct online English degrees.

Thanks in advance!

Hey dude
As you said that your job has good prospects, I think you don’t need to leave the job. But the second idea is really very good. I have got one site when I was searching online colleges for my sister. Look at Online English degree
. My sister found a good college with the help of it. It provides a list of online colleges, from which you can select the best college according to your requirements.
Hope it will help you!
All the best!

where are you located?