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There's a new technology emerging in some lab in America ofcourse(dunno the specifics) where a new kinda disc is being developed. The name is HVD. Now now now dont mistake it for the HD-DVD that u might already know about. This is the abbreviation of Holographic Versatile Disc. Ya and as the name suggests it really looks holographic i.e the bottom of the disc gives u the effect of a holographic sticker but the most amusing thing abt it is it's capacity which is a terabyte of storage i.e, approximately 1000 XviD or DivX ripped DVD quality movies.


hey all i wanted to knw more details about this thing .... is ity actually happenin or jus another Fake News.


Optware in Tokyo is really hoping that while other companies squabble over HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, their HVD will be available at the end of the year (source). The disk, according to hopes, will support 1 Gb/sec transfer rates and smash everything else in its path.

Latest word is that CMC Fuji Photo, CMC Magnetics and three other companies have jumped in to support Optware's HVD disc. (source)

Sadly, the latest news about this technology is from 2005. :P I may well be wrong, but the diagrams of this technology look a bit like a scam. The technology alleges to allow red lasers to pass beyond blue-green lasers through different layers. Blu-Ray is so successful because the wavelength of blue laser is smaller than that of red; so how exactly would red pass beyond blue? It should be, I think, the other way around for it to actually work.

Da Programmer, please note that when technology hits a high, lots of fakes jump on board - remember Gizmondo's one-off hand held game player? They made millions upon millions on a bunk product designed only to ride a technology high.

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