I'm looking for a good remote access solution, primarily on my home network but out of network access would be a plus. I have a windows media center Vista Home Premium machine that I want to be able to control from any machine on my network including my laptop with wireless access. I also would like to use it to provide remote help.

Free would be ideal but not necessary

I've looked at realvnc.com but the free version is not compatible with Vista

Logmein doesn't appear to have a free version and I think I've heard various tech podcasts saying they use it. Which pay version is best, they have a lot of them.

Windows Remote Desktop is out because it doesn't support Vista Home Premium. You would think someone would have an easy had for this.

Complete one sided control with no manual confirmations from the accessed machine is necessary, too many steps otherwise and I could use remote assistance if I was willing to go to each machine.

I think I've heard of a virtual KVM but it was enterprise level and $$$.

So what are you all using? If I decide to buy, what would be the best option.

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