In the world today, everyone seems to be out to get as much as possible for everybody else. There are a few places like this where caring people freely give their time and effort to assist others (thank you all)
I understand how sites like "Google" make a lot money through advertising by giving free service to users, But why would a company like "AVG" (Grisoft) supply a program and updates free where there is no advertising and no foreseeable way to make money. Is there unseen programs embedded in their program where they can find and sell the users information? Or am I just being too suspicious?


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AVG also has paid versions of their software that offer better support, and many people opt for those versions.
You're not being "too suspicious", but Grisoft seems to be one of the benign companies that just wants to offer a good product.
I've noticed that lately they're being a little more aggressive about offering their paid products.

Yes, when doing a manual scan you get a pop=up for their new version but it is still a very good product.


yeah i baught the pro one because i wanted network scanning

Commercial products are usually top on the list, but you have to see which you are comparing to.

Some freewares beat commercial products.

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