after this semester in university, I will have enough to minor in compsci.

I heard someone at my school saying if I minor in business along with

compsci major, its a good money. so I was wondering:

Should I take

a) compsci minor/business major

b) compsci major/business minor

c) or just taking compsci will get me same as choice a) / b)?

d) if I should minor/major in business along with compsci, what type of business

goes well with compsci?

please give me your opinion based on which will get me the most money. I just don't

want to waste the classes that I took for compsci. Also, it doesnt have to be a business

major/minor. If there is a better major/minor that I can take along with compsci, please

recommend me. Also, don't tell me to double major; compsci must be either minor or major.

Bottomline is that I do not want to waste compsci classes that I've taken and with what I

have so far, what path should I take in order to make good money?

Please share your opinions I really need to choose path for my future.

Honestly, I do not know what major choice will make you the most money. I am assuming that any type of business or CS major will have relatively similar starting salaries. It will also depend on your capability to even land a job with this major.
One thing I would suggest to you is to choose which ever major you enjoy the most. Life isn't all about money and if this is going to be your long-term career choice, you might as well pick something you like instead of picking a major based solely on an estimated starting salary.
Sorry if I didn't answer your question, but I hope this will help you make your decision.

I would echo soccerrm1 thoughts.

I was the same as you 20 years ago. At the time I was also worried about which Uni options will get the most money. But whatever you do the money will be OK, so the money isn't that important.

Do what you like.

Becuase you like it, you will be good at it. Becuase you are good at it someone will pay you, the expert, to do it.

But here is a MUCH more important tip. You don't get rich working for the man.

In today's increasingly technical world your CS courses will never be wasted. You are very smart to attempt a business major, as technology is never used for technology's sake. There is always a BUSINESS need for technology. Through studying business and having a solid tech/CS background you will be valuable in your ability to APPLY technology to business situations and problems. I suggest a MAJOR in business. See if there is an Information Systems curriculum in the business school at your university. These programs often provide a well-based general business education and then specialize in general business computing (which you might find very easy with a CS minor already completed).

After a solid few years in IT without a college degree, I decided that a business education was what I needed to apply my technical understanding to the real world.

You are lucky that you're at this decision point. The reality of the situation is that software development (the programming part) is being increasingly outsourced to India, but those people who understand business, processes, people and the rest of the business environment are able "bridge the gap" between the techies and other business professionals. This opens the door to consulting opportunities and jobs like Business Systems Analyst, etc.

Hope this helps. You should be in good shape, but my suggestion is to go for the Business MAJOR.

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