Hiys Guys,

I have a website that uses Simple Machines software and have run into a few problems.
The website has now finished being developed and we were looking to go live (propagate) i think thats the right name.

As we were tryign to do that someone has changed our URL settings and now cant access the board. Is there anyway to change them back? I have tried Putting them backto what they were before but when i try to save it jsut comes up with session invalid please log out and try again.

Anyone got any clues and how to restore the software if need be??

Thanks in anticipation for your answers


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You've got the wrong forum.
Click the link at the top for "Web Development" and choose an appropriate forum there.

Good luck.

Need more info... Are you using a CMS or is SMF stand alone? Sounds like you might need to manually go into your settings.conf.php file (or similar file) and change your database settings. You can do this with Dreamweaver or any editor that can handle PHP files... I prefer to use notepad to ensure the file retains it's code integrity. I had a similar problem while trying to bridge SMF with Joomla, so I might be able to help you if you haven't already figured it out.

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