Hey all, I was looking into getting a degree in CS and im not quite sure which one yet. I was looking online for some different onlince degrees (I cant afford to quit my job and go to school!!) and I found this new program http://www.americansentinel.edu/webdegree/cs/

It seems pretty cool. It is cheap and flexible and the school is accredited. They have all types of CS degrees (IT, IS, Web Design, etc) They also have a CS specialization in game programming which is something I have looked into.

Does anyone have any advice?

I wouldn't trust a school who considers IT, IS, or web design part of the computer science curriculum. None of those things have anything to do with computer science.


Just took a look at their site, and the courses you picked out are from their WEB, IS, MIS, and GP majors ... not their CS major. If those are your interests, you may wish to reconsider which degree you're after.

$270.00/credit hour :icon_eek: I have some shares in the Golden Gate bridge I'll sell you for half that much.

I guess I am more interested in a web development degree vs computer science. The web degree is a new program at American Sentinel and it looks really good. They are 270 per credit hr which is much cheaper than University of Phoenix, etc.