Hi folks,
I'm up my ears trying to pick up a smartphone that will enable me manage my network and vpn as well as manage documents and files. I've come to a halt with these models Nokia E90, Nokia E62, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry 8320.

I need your comments.

I'm a network administrator with a pool of windows and linux servers.

Hey Kranks,

I have used this site GSMArena in the past, and it's served me pretty well.

Now I've looked on there, and at first glance, I wouldn't bother with the E62, and the BB8320 - They haven't got 3G, which means you can't use HSDPA, the fastest speed mobile broadband technology commonly available - not good. The Blackberry Bold is apparently not out yet, (or maybe it's just come out), but it looks good. So does the E90. Now I have always been more pro-Nokia, and a bit anti-Blackberry and on that basis alone, I would plump for the E90 :) .

I've got an HTC Tytn II and I do love it cos it's got Wifi, 3G and HSDPA capabilities, Can Sync with an Exchange Server, or can pick up emails using POP3... A "lot" of hard drive space, hasn't crashed on me in a month, so far quite impressive. You can check it out here.

Hope all that helps