We are planning to migrate from Groupwise 6 over to MS Exchange 2007/8, within Groupwise we have shared mailboxes (resources) which are accessed using proxy.

Before any rollout we need to plan this, so my question is how do we handle shared mail boxes from GroupWise to Outlook?

Will Outlook allow us the same functionality?

Hope someone can help.




Yes Exchange will give you the same functionality, it needs to be done a Active Directory level, also can user give access to the mailboxes by there selfs, doing it by Delligation in the option menu from outlook.

i hope this is the information you whant to know

Thanks BladeIT thats great, does it have to be done in an Active directory enviroment?

Normal Rights needs to be done in the AD, but that was with Exchange 2003,

so i donĀ“t know what it is with 2007, but i think it will be just the same.

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