I have been on the net for quite some time and with all the pop-ups and ads for making money online come up regularly, I was wondering the existence of their reality. I have come to know many things like the SCAMS and the RICHES that are there. Some say …that there is a lot of scam and yet some argue in getting rich!!!! This is all so confusing……….do you people have any suggestions on that and what can be the positive for this.

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one thing i hate about those people selling ebooks promising this and that !!! you didnt get to browse through the ebook like a real book, just to make sure whether the ebooks worth it or not !!!
ebook seller more a scam bunch of people than genuine sellers!!!!


How much you can make highly depends on the niche you're in, the competition there, your dedication to succeed, the time you spend and your skills in internet marketing.

But it all needs hard work. best of luck. Affiliate programs, adsense are some choices.

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