Just wondering what folks are using to manage their help desk and if possible with integrated asset management. Currently, we have nothing and I am researching providers, including TrackIT from Numara Software, ServiceDesk Plus 7 from ManageEngine, and potentially others. A simple reply with product name and software company name and a link if you have it.

Please and thank you.

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I know the help desk I'm working for is using Voice Print.


Unfortunately, they don't have any online support of any kind; well, not that I know of.

I have used Magic, Heat and Tri-active.

Heat was good and configurable, but needed a dedicated DBA for report generation/configuration.

Tri-active is web-based, was VERY easy to setup and maintain.

Go to the products page and then Helpdesk.

At my current job they are using Magic, and we have nothing but issues with it. We are evaluating other products.

Personally, I like the Tri-active solution... it is hosted on their servers so no server maintence to do or hardware to keep upgraded. They do the backups, tech support was great. Now if I can only get my bosses to see the same value I do.


We use a very cost-effective (cheap) product called, "READYDESK" that can utilize any number of databases.
Email notifications, multiple security and supervisory levels, easy-to-customize - out-of-the-box. Limited support, but for the price ($199.95) - an amazing value.

click here to visit ReadyDesk.com

They also have interactive online demos available for CUSTOMER, TECHNICIAN & ADMINISTRATIVE views of READYDESK.

To view the free online demos, go to the Demo Page. Unlike most other vendors, we will never require that you give us any of your personal information just to see our product in action. Just click on the provided links and begin using ReadyDesk instantly. If you are interested in your own hosted trial of ReadyDesk Contact us to learn more.

I've attached the manual as well. I don't think they'd mind.

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