When i register with some website they send a confirmation email to me in which i am required to click on link to activate my account with thier site. How are such pages created ( in Dreamweaver ?) how can use it on my own website.

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It's not so easy with dreamweaver alone.

You need some form of server side scripting to do the tricky bits - like to store the fact the user has clicked the link and activated his account.

PHP and MySQL combined is available with almost every hosting company these days, and doesn't take long to learn.

You could infact do exactly what you wanted in less than 50 lines of code - excluding the html (which you could get dreamweaver to generate and include)

If you are serious about this and want to try it yourself I'd recommend a book called the PHP Bible.

If you are serious about this but don't have the interest in learning a programming language I would consider asking people around on this forum how cheap they would do it for.

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Thanks Kev,

Can i get this book from you ? in E-format ?

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