Hi guys :)

How are you doing? I hope all of you are fine ^^

at the moment i'm doing a research about this:
(The future of the Programming Languages, are they Converging or Diverging?)

So, I need some plans and ideas to write about ^^

for me I guess the the programming languages are converging to the Assemply!

Umm, really need help in this, can you share, plz? :)

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Why don't you start by making a timeline of prominent programming languages and major developments in their set of features. Then think about what problems these features were trying to solve, and where they got these features from.

Converging to Assembly? I thought it was the exact opposite. Nowadays programming are moving towards higher level, relying a lot on libraries, APIs, components, frameworks, middlewares, etc.

Also, languages are moving more towards platform independency (like Java), and language interoperability (like .Net). Web-based applications are becoming more important, unlike in the past where desktop application dominates, which means that programmers are using more script languages like php, asp, etc.

Hi friend,
It's nice idea but it's very difficult job.You have to put up concentrate on perticular language. Otherwise you don't get the result . Obviously i help you if i got any information.

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