I have an error message on my computer that says: invalid system disk, replace disk and then press any key.

I am horrible with computers, so I asked some friends and one of them told me how to open the CD disk and take out the disc that is inside. I did that and I restarted my computer again. The same 2 lines appeared on the screen. Every time I press a key, the same thing happes again. I am confused about what to do. The friend who was helping me was talking to me on the phone, so he was not able to see what was going on with the computer while he was helping, so he said he wasnt sure if he was guiding me in the right direction. He said my C drive might be corrupted or that I have a virus. I am using another computer to post this message. Do you know how I can fix this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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In most common cases, you would see this error if there is a CD/Floppy in the drives. While booting(stating), the computer first checks the CD/Floppy (most computers are set to check them first by default). I would suggest removing the CD/DVD/Floppy disk (ig you have one) and in case you have connected other drives like an external storage or a game console and try starting it again.

You could also try a SYSTEM RESTORE to before tgus started happening,that might work for ya!!

Good luck -- Welcome to the site :)

if none of the above works and if you have a windows xp instalation disk you can run the automated system recovery program
if it says your computer has trouble booting then i would suggest downloading a windows xp boot disk from http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm

look for a floppy in the drive. first easy and most common

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