655. This begins to feel like a losing battle.

Don't you have anything better to be doing? 663.

665. Yeah I spent a while helping out a guy in the C++ forum. He had quite a few things that needed fixing in his code and I've helped him along a fair way. I've been helping other people as well. I've also been practising guitar, 3D modeling and talking to people on MSN.
What about you? ;)

Just got home from work, gotta make dinner and do some reading before I settle in to some coding. I'm supposed to be working on a project for work, but I really feel more like playing with Scheme. Work, or play? What do you think?
(There's also a guy in the Java forum who's having a lot of trouble with the basics, I'm trying to get him straightened out... it's a hard road, though)



>Work, or play? What do you think?
Work will be there tomorrow.


Or just play games :P

Oh, you mean like larn?
Scheme's more fun. :)

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