I brought a desktop almost two weeks ago sortof for entertainment purposes and have loaded FS2004, The Sims 2 inc. expansion packs Apartment Life + Bon Voyage and also Simcity4, and everytime I try to play the games, within the first few minutes, it crashes. i.e screeching noise followed by freezing and/or monitor shutting off, forcing me to restart the desktop again with the on/off button.
Have read numerous threads regarding simmilar issues but thought it would be best to post my own directly for help, which I am in desperate need of as I am at my wits end!. Also not very computer savvy so please bare with me...

My specs as follows.
O.S Windows XP S.P 3
Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.0Ghz
1GB DDR ram,(4x 256mbs)
80gb sata hard drive,secondary 80gb hard-drive(160gb total)
Agp ATI Radeon 9200 video card 128mb
Onboard sound
Olympic ATX 400W Power Supply.
Direct X 9.0
.net framework 2

I have also downloaded the upgrade drives for the specified Radeon driver i.e Catalyst 6.11, to no avail.
Am not sure what is going on and am abit confused as to what to do. Would really appreciate some help please!.

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Have you checked the minimum requirements to play the games? and does your system meet those requirements?

Yeah I have more than what the minimum specs details. That's why it's so frustrating! :(

However I pose to ask, is the Radeon 9200 considered greater than an Radeon 8500?

..scan your PC for viruses..if the issue still continues then reformat your PC..^_^..

Try to upgrade your memory RAM. 1Gb is too low for a games especially a 3D or RPG games. Also a 128MB video card does not meet the required minimum specifications? I think 256MB is the minimum? But try also to upgrade it to 512MB. It is worth to upgrade your system for you to enjoy all the games..

Good Luck..

I think it is an incorrect version of your drive, make sure the driver version you need

Your radeon 9200 is the cause. It's an old card and quite low end. I know for sure as I used to have one. Because of it's age, it is not fully supported by the most modern catalyst drivers. Stick an up to date graphics card in there and your computer will run a lot better. You may also want to think about a better PSU, 400watts isn't all that good. A decent quality 450watt or higher would do a better job!

Thanks for all the post guys.
I feel that what you suggested Rik from RCE is my best solution. Great, more money to spend! :( haha. Ohh well. Any suggestions as to what you think may be the best driver to buy would be for my specs?

When you say "driver" I take it you actually mean graphics card?

It will all depend on how much you can afford and what's available where you are in the world!

Did you say anything about screeching sound then it may be a hard disk problem.
Check your disk for bad sectors and all before going in for anything else.


Can I ask if you know how hot your PC is getting, sometimes they say certain games and certain environments can make your PC ovearheat, you can get an additional internal fan quite cheaply as well.

add 1GB memory to make it faster....

Ok so after a few months I'm back. Had a ATI HD3650 1GB professionally installed and it still crashes after awhile while playing games. Done a registry check and clean up yet it still crashes on me.

(Avatar_Iceman)- Is there a way for me to find out how hot it is running?

Any idea's what might be the cause or to find out what the cause is?

Did you did everything Rik from RCE suggested. When you play other games does it crash too. How many space is there left on your hard disk. Does your computer freeze or crash this time?

1) Try increasing your fanspeed not too high
2) Do a scan with malwarebytes to make sure malware are not the cause of problem
Download malwarebytes here
3) Does this problem happen when only you are gaming or occur all the time?

You might also want to use a spare Motherboard and test it out. All the best and hoping to hear a reply soon:)

Any idea's what might be the cause or to find out what the cause is?

suggestion were made to upgrad you video carrd =you done that ,
also suggested to add more system ram and a better poawer supply ,you didn't do that .

download and use hardware monitor ,run it run game it will show how hot all hardware gets .just click on the big download now icon

Seems like you did not did fully what Rik said. Do what caperjack said first follow by Rik previous suggestion. It can also be cause by overheating issue.

Caperjack you spelt power supply wrongly although it is a minor error:D

Caperjack you spelt power supply wrongly although it is a minor error:D

i told thata doctor he puta that finger backa on in the wronga spot , lol

Hi , is a dvd or cd loaded when playing the games ? if so could be a worn out dvd drive making the "screeching" sound

if the grade of ur computer is up to the requirement of the game, then repair the windows of ur system, or u reload ur system

please help i have nvidia geforce 8400 graphic card 2 gb ram intel 945 s2 motherboard 320gb hdd n win xp but my pc freezes soo many times i have tried almost everything help me guys ? should i do :(

i have tried almost everything !

really ,and we are to guess what you didn't try , not much info to go on ,
did you check inside for dust buildup ,did you try reinstalling windows and install latest video drivers . i could go on and on

Hi , your system is obviously retro-age (hint: ddr memory) , like more than 3 years old and as such having acquired from an unknown source and usage should be first fully refurbished before installing applications including games to ensure works to spec and free of system file errors and parasites , viruses , spyware
(which is probaly your computers problem)
As mentioned by another replier : address any in-case dust issues, as dust forms an insulator over heat sinks and clogs cooling fans
Use canned compressed air as sourced from electrical component stores
ensure all fans spin freely and without mechanical noise - replace if suspect
including the power supply unit
Your games are not high resource usage so computer is within spec , so software is not an issue
Once dust therefor excessive heat is not an issue test the psu with a tester - less then $10 at auction sites, replace psu if any channel fails
test the ram memory using memtest86 - replace all modules if one has failed
upgrade to 2GB if replacing
find the hard disk drive vendor and run their maintainence tool to test the drive
Try to repair but if can not replace the drive : if a PATA drive look for mainboard SATA support : replace with a SATA hdd
Ensure have the means to reinstall Windows, for your era computer probably via recovery disks ( if has onboard hidden partition hdd recovey do not full erase as suggested next unless confirmed from vendor support will not erase the partition)
If tests ok, full zero erase the whole drive if you have a supported recovery disk - can source from computer vendor but if not acquire online : same vendor and os version, unused
this will ersure all owner responsible operating/configuration errors are removed - a clean slate
For you try to source a dedicated driver installation disk for your model - can find online under $10 - these will install the correct vendor drivers in correct order unattended - simplifies basic recovey and reduces time to complete this task
Reinstall Windows , install the vendor drivers, install owner installed devices , for you the video card, go online and start Windows update ,
after initial update, activate and validate windows to get MS off your case
Full update Windows incl sp3 + latest browser version
Update java & adode flash player
If all goes well should enjoy issue usage if games are within spec
Remove dust , clean any filters
Replace mechanically defective devices
Test sub-system devices
Erase disk drive
Reinsall Windows
Install vendor drivers
Update Windows and drivers
Install applications, support programs and games

sorry wrong post on my part

heyy can onyone help me !!!!!!!

my computer s hangs when i play games

my ram is 896mb
and 512mb gc

can u tell me what can i do

@amon - first i would access the bios setup and ensure it is configured for a video expansion video card

video expansion card enabled
onboard video device disabled

seek first video expansion card

seems you have both video devices enabled

Something you can do is go into task manager and end certain processes like groove monitor and sidebar and a couple others
Iike jusched.

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