1180.Why does this thread seems like it is dying. Why don't we start a new match and from 500 again. Who vote for that.

Kraai do you think we should start a new match since the number is so high now. 1180


Its not high, it is equal to 682

Ok, so let's concentrate on this match. I still use to remember the days back then when Team A and B were spamming the thread. We were like keeping on refreshing the page and shock to see that someone had reply so fast. I still miss the days when everyone keep on posting after and after again. I have to keep on refreshing the page to keep up you guys. Well that was back then...


I guess the game gets a bit boring after a while, and time to stay glued to it is not always possible

1180. What you say is correct Kraai. To those new comers who first join the game they will think it is fun but after a few match it starts to bored you. But i will still play this game. 2 Reasons

1) Support the game and Team B
2) Get easy posts

1180. Bye Kraai

1180. I'm Back

1184. me too