1464. Good afternoon wenbnet. My time here is 1.50 pm.


morning side this side

1468. its now 12.10 pm.

1466. Different countries have different time, religion and culture. But all doing the same thing now on daniweb.

1466. So wenbnet, you just have your lunch. Right?

1468. right. and you?


another 15 x2 to go for another win by TEAM A

I have my lunch long time ago. Time now here is 4 pm.

@ Kraai

I will not let you get away with a win so easily. I will fight to the very end



That's the spirit, you should change name to belong to A TEAM

1468. haha. Are you stalking me Kraai, because i see you going to the post i am on before.


You better watch it, I am Jack the Stalker :)

1468. Bring it on, i am the fame pirate lord of the carribean sea. Captain Jack Sparrow