I am curious to see how some of you guys do a computer inventory. I work for a small school district and have been given the task again this year to do an inventory on all of our 1500 computers. I have been instructed to physically go to each machine spanning 4 campus and write down the serial number and computer name. This is driving me crazy... how do you guys do yours?

Thanks in advance :)

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In my company I have each computer barcoded and recorded in a SQL database. At the time of inventory I just go around and scan the computer's barcode and I have a program that tells me which computer's I have missed and where they are supposed to be at the time. I mean you could use RFID and that would make it really simple but there is an initial cost there. Anyway, that is how I do it.

are the PCs in a domain? makes things much easier

I used two free sw packages: winventory and ocs ng.
google them up - it's much easier than barcodes or any tangible physical work at all.

They are in a domain however I have computer's that are scattered throughout the country. I will check out those packages you posted though. Thanks.

hi you can get a lot of inventory programs which are opensource and you change it according to your requirements

Project URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ocsinventory

here is your program u require but change according to your requirement



I'd like to also +1 to OCSng. Really helps me with Inventory.

We use the Lansweeper computer inventory freeware software. we used in both the large company i'm currently working for (15 domains with over 4000 users) as for the small company i used to work for (1 domain with 100 users). they have a good functional demo, so it's worth giving it a try!

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