I have an application that was written for me by a programmer who represented VFP as the "best thing since sliced bread" and that would be robust for many years in the future and more importantly handle huge customer databases over a LAN instantly. Now, after two years the server based program is as fast as a three legged horse over a network and what used to be 1 to 2 second response times to open a customer file is now 30 seconds + because he must first download these huge databases (maybe 20 to 30 thousand customers) to the workstation first and then process the action.

I have been told .NET would solve my problem in conjuction to having SQL as the database. I "don't speak Greek" and don't understand there isn't an easier fix then to convert the VFP program to .NET with SQL for a whole bunch of money too.

Any comments from anyone.

Marc :|

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have a look on this.
probably this will help you.

Thank you for your comment and pointing me to the article on .NET conversion and SQL to read.
I am coming to the decision to simply have our server based C.R.M. program (www.keepyourcustomer.com) that was written in VFP re-written to be a web based program (with certificates for security) which would solve many problems.

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