Hey guys.

Just recently I've been using a pair of Philips headphones (SHP2500). After I'm done with them, another member of my family unplugs them for use elsewhere and I plug the computers speakers back in. All of this is through the sound jack in the back of the PC.

Somehow, for some reason, a high frequency pitch now comes out of the speakers at all times. It goes away partially if the sound is turned down (I've tried to live with that, but the sound is too uncomfortably low), or muted (which of course is pointless, considering I need sound).

My mother cannot hear it, whereas I can. I'm only 15 and it's been proven that my mum can't hear frequencies up to about 15,000Hz (as far as I remember =S Something like that, but don't stick with this factor for very long. It's just to give you an idea), but I can say that I can hear ranges at a considerably higher range.

I change my audio settings through Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager.

Lastly, the same whining can be heard through both the earphones and the speakers, through the right channel, so it must be something to do with the computer. It's also accmpanied by a hiss, which developed for the same reasons, but came before the hissing did.

Does anyone know how I can remedy this? Or what is causing it?

Many thanks in advance :icon_cheesygrin:

either you have
a) broken the jack with repeated insertions and removlas
b) simply broken the speakers

The wail tends to go away if I restart the PC, but this becomes a pain in the backside. I was wondering if perhaps the sound is feedback from within my PC? =S

Since you hear it through headphones too (to a lesser degree) it's something wrong with the sound card, either with the jack or the card itself. The reason it's more pronounced on the speakers is because they're powered and will amplify the hum.

I'd suggest getting a PCI sound card, if you know somebody who plays with computers I'm sure they'd have one, or any computer shop would have a basic card for cheap. You can also buy them online here's a good example.

Just to be absolutely sure there isn't an issue with your headphones and speakers plug the headphones into another computer or stereo to see if it happens there too.