Hi Everyone

I was just wondering what would be the cost of average website (images/text/etc) that contains frames and 15 webpages which incorporates HTML and CSS and minor FLASH?

Then seperately how much would it cost if it was connected to a database using PHP and MYSQL. The database would contain 10 tables. The site would use a logon system and also there would be a few pages used to access, retrieve and update the database using PHP through MYSQL?

How much would you charge to maintain this on just a HTML level and then again on a PHP level?

Thanks for all the help, Regards X.

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Judging by the info you've supplied, this is what I'd charge...

Initial setup - $250
Maintain - $25/mo.

Here are some other factors that would affect pricing:
Graphic design
Update frequency

Hope this helps.

They need weekly updates.

That would be based on HTML not PHP?

It seems internet coders are very cheap now adays to me, I thought we would be earning abit more? :(

That would be based on PHP. Actually one of the reasons it's gotten cheaper over the years is that more people are doing it, and the coding has become more robust so that it does more work for the designer/developer.

So you're looking at about the same, give or take on monthly $$$ due to weekly updates. Once all of the details are revealed a more accurate quote can be given. Out of all honesty though, you're talking a very very small scale website. So it's not going to cost you all that much, as you can see.

Depending on the quality of the site... and the experience of the person/firm designing and implementing the site. It may cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000+, in addition to a monthly/yearly fee for updates. Unless the client just wants a "dumb" site with no SEO work or design. I guess you could get away with $250, but whats the point of doing a site for under $1000?

Thats what I thought.

Im just trying to get an idea for the market.
Site is sorta small but meetings with the client, etc are time consuming.
Its not a hack n slash website.

For an idea what would you count as a $5k website?

Thanks for all the information and help.

I would not do a Wbesite in PHP unless you have tested the coding and know it is secure. I know PHP has many security flaws and is easy to hack... trust me I have seen what hackers have done because they hacked PHP.

care to expand?

what we should look out for?

Yeah I guess I should expand I do not know what the flaw in the PHP was but I know PHP barely works anymore unless it is in a bundle thats part of the software. Unfortunatly they (meaning terrorists) figured out how to reroute all of our over 100 Websites to their Website through insecure php. WE HAVE RAISED SECURITY SO HIGH SINCE THEN!!!!! Yes the security being high on php can be a pain in the *** but it is needed we are always updating security left and right and I am like the watchdog if I see anything go wrong I report it or I fix it. We have had no problems since that one incident and that was 2 years ago although I did get to see what they did they made all .index go to their site.

Sounds more like a DNS hack than a PHP hack.

But anyhow, he's right, you have to make sure you're code is secure.

Priteas I have some more PHP hack info the company I work for was attacked again through php overloading our servers memory! They attacked the gnu Joomla 1.5 and I was using a php script so people can submit requests but right now that is down while my cgiemail script is being looked at to make sure it can go up because it has to be executed from the shell and I do not have shell access as of yet. Our technicians said to put in phpseuexec I believe it is called so that you can track what site was being hacked and who the user was. I think PHP is the most insecure language that I know of at this time I would love advice on how to make it more secure. I am not sure if we will even continue to support much php I may suggest using ASP instead.

About time you start reading some of the books and articles about hacking, there are many on the market, so you can learn what tactics are used

I dont find that true peter, anytime I google it (hacks, etc) I always get blocked sites, etc.

Anysites you can recommend even books that we should be aware of as web programmers of php/etc?

Thanks, Regards X

You will get many books on Amazon for example Hacking—The Art of Exploitation by Jon Erickson, The Hacker’s Handbook, The Strategy behind Breaking into and Defending Networks. You may frown upon it as out of date, but even now they are relevant reading.
You said that google return only blocked site what about this sql injection prevention, root hacking prevention (got even some school assignment with this one ;) ) or null byte exploit prevention. The search is about appropriate wording

Ya your right problem is I dont know what to be aware of:

So can you give me a list of terms I should search google and preform prevention in my site:
sql injection prevention
root hacking prevention
null byte eploit prevention


  • RFI (Remote File Inclusion)
  • LFI (Local File Inclusion)
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • Path Disclosure
  • Enumeration

I actually get the magazine 2600 it is a hackers magazine but I get it so I know what they are up to I also get a few other hacking magazines sometimes if I see something interesting when I am reading it in the store. I am going to have to get more info on hacking is there like a white-hats guide to hackers?

If you want you can get involved, they are well organized and hold open session. White Hats UK

thank you peter I will have to google for one in the US because I am not part of the UK therefore they won't let me join.

Can you not install CMS es like joomla,drupal or vbulletin ? I guess cost of maintaining and building your website will be less .

If you're still doing this line of work I would really like to speak with you. As for the price posted on the top "250-50mo". Would this apply to a website like "Pandora.com"? If you're interested in doing this please let me know. Thank you!


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