You get a great white shark

I put in a half eaten fish

You get a full eaten fish!

I put in a Voodoo Cat doll...

You get another Voodoo Cat doll.....

I put in a Lamb....

You get it's clone

I put in an ice cream cone

The vending Machine eats the ice cream and gives you the cone :D

I put in a English Civil War research document

You get a done report for school

I put in an english muffin

You get back a piece of toast

I put in a stressed out English teacher

You get a classroom full of kids laughing

I put in a crazy classroom

You get a nuclear explosion

I put in a magical catfish

You get a dead fisherman

I put in a fishing hook

You get an old leather boot

I put in a contact lens

You get vision

I put in useless eyes

You get seafood

I put in a distinct lack of imagination

You get a wing wong for a goose's bridle.

I put in a writ of habeus corpus

You get the satisfaction of me with a headache due to all that latin.

I put in a 1:72 model Spitfire

You get the Air Wolf Helicopter

I put in my business card, then 20 more so I can look cool asking for some more

You get the sack

I put in Strongbad's very own Da cheat

you get a game boy advance sp or a nentendo ds or somthing

you put in some better earth "organic fertilizer that dont work :mrgreen:

you get a mud hole in your front yard

i put in all of my paintings i did this year

You get a rosette in the shape of a dead rat

I put in my face

(Congrats on 100 posts robin)

you get a grim reaper mask n_n

i put in a rubber duck

You get eleventeen mango flavoured bathtubs.

I put in a mango flavoured bathtub...

I put in a chocolate banana carrot
You get a happy tree friend dummy that dances!

You get a chocolate orange parrot

I put in a cool rotating metal gadget with many add-ons and special kinds of tooth-shaped moons

You get a pricing gun and a thousand cans of beans

I put in a gender bender

You get... nothing. The machine is broken at the moment.

Nevertheless, I put in a quarter (like any "normal" vending machine user would do :))

You get "A Fistfull of Dollars" (about 33$ worth - £18 for us Brits)

I put in a llama

(Excuse my colloquial slang on the last post, I meant a Gender Changer, for changing the gender of cables)

You get a lock of Tom Cruise's hair. I put in a tube of toothpaste.

You get cavities. I put in FreeBSD 5.3 Kernel.

You get an error. I get a kick in the teeth :lol:

*300th post :)*