you get an ancient dragon that will grant you 3 (?) wishes..

I put in Supersayian Gohan

You get 500 shares of Microsoft for free!

I steal one of those shares and put it in the machine. (sorry)

Great joshSCH...

I like the way you're thinking...

You get a Blue shirt....

I put for my jimmy...

you get an empty bottle

i toss a text book in

You get a brace...

I put in my teeth...

you get a teeth necklace!

I put in some cheerios

you get a healthy breakfast.

I put in some sea shells.

You get to listen to the ocean!

I put in some McDonald's french fries

You get the movie "Supersize Me." ;)

I put in some Oakley's sunglasses.

You get a refund of $983745498 for them.

I put in a broken dirty dish.

you get a bowl

I put in some food from Sonic

You get a pop album...

I put in my handset to hear...

You get some Hearing Aids delivered accidentally

I put in a Royal Mail Postman

You get the Royal Navy instead

I put in a potato

You get a toyota prius

I put in gasoline

you get $3.00+ a gallon.

I put in a full paid vacation to anywhere you wanted.

You get to visit the Empire State Building in NYC

I put in a keg of coors

you get a MSN passport...

I visit all MSN sites...(lol)

U get short sightedness

I put in Lynyrd Skynyrd

You get baffling word...

I put in Wordweb...

you get words.

I put in an Ivy League college.

you get rice>MIT lol

I put in the Rice Owls

You get back 23 Hooters T-shirts (one for the coach).

I put in some beer and onion rings ...

you get a pub!

(btw paramasivan Lynyrd Skynyrd is a band!)

i put in a golden cookie

you get a spoiled brat, who is unfit to inherit her parents fortune..

I put in some illegal immigrants

You get a coin to toss...

I put in my pocket...

you get some lint

I put in the Dallas Mavs