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Blogs are "web logs" ... they are like logs, news entries, journals ... that usually pertain to a particular topic. In the case of the DaniWeb blogs, they are technology based, for the most part :)


I host my sites with a hosting company that is getting ready to offer a "basic blogger" hosting option. It should be less than $5.00/month, with everything you need to run a blog site. If anyone is interested, email me offline and I'll get you the details.


lol, and blogs are not like live journals were lil girls and boys talk about there lil boyfriends etc, but were the good stuff goes down lol. I havent been active latly but if you want a little insite on mine take a look www.itad.blogspot.com


You can make money off your blog too, with adwords from Google :D

Not on this site. It's something within the forum; on your own blog site, you can do whatever you want, really.

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