I would just like to introduce myself and say hello to all the friendly folks out their who, like me, love to spend all their free time in front of a monitor instead of enjoying the wonderful outdoors and sunshine.

I'm an auto tech by trade and I speialize in all the computer systems onboard these new cars we have today that are so much fun to work on. As a hobby, I like to dabble in a little coding since I taught myself Basic and Visual C. It's nice to be able to make these darn things do what you want them to once in a while.

Anyway, just a big warm "Hello" and I hope everyone is getting prepared for a joyous and safe holiday season. And just to let you know that I am not always politically correct, it's Christmas! ;-)

Hello and Welcome to Daniweb,

I'd love to do coding and make things like that... but it's just time, that i don't have sometimes and i'd rather do other things.

Anyway, welcome to daniweb and see you around.

Cohen :)

Hello and welcome to Daniweb!

Thanks, it's great to find a forum of friendly folks. I play on this damn computer way too much but it is a lot of fun. I'll probably have lots of questions because I am always getting myself in a pickle when I try modifying stuff. I'm one of those people who can't leave well-enough alone. Always trying to find another way to do things. I'm sure you know the type. ;)