Hi all. My name is George and I'm relatively new to the programming world. I became interested in programming entirely by accident - I needed another class last year and CS was the only thing that fit my schedule and I ended up loving it.

I've found many useful ideas and suggestions in the past year at Daniweb and decided it was time to join (and hopefully help someone else).

welcome George to the community and also say welcome to me i am also newbie... Julia... :)

Hi George & Julia,
Both are welcome to the wonderful Daniweb community.
Hope you are enjoying your stay!

See you around.

Hi George & Julia,
welcome to the wonderful Daniweb community. Any programming language preferences or projects?

So far I've only worked with Python but I'll be looking at Java this semester in one of my classes.

My project last semester was to implement a basic store management program that kept track of inventory, customers' account info, etc. using Tkinter - nothing too complex, but definitely fun.

Can anyone suggest me a place where i can check the basic shopping cart project done in PHP in detail?